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Fall Midterm Audio

Here is the audio Q and A for the midterm! [2012_midterm.mp3]

Benchmark #2 Audio


Benchmark 1 Audio


Introduction to Compound Sentences

PURPOSE and OBJECTIVES . COMPOUND SENTENCES!!! Important for LIFE!! . . . This mini-lesson will explain how to CORRECTLY write a compound sente...

Audio Lesson for Nouns

Listen to this audio file over nouns. Knowing the parts of speech is a vital skill necessary for daily life in school and in the real world! After li...

Reading and ELA Final Audio

This is the audio for the ELA final. [ELA_Final.mp3]This is the audio for the Reading final. [Reading_Final.mp3]

Reading and ELA Final Audo


Your project for this six-weeks is to create a dialogue and turn it into a movie using This will count as a test grade, but p...

3 FREE AR POINTS! 5th six-weeks!

This is for 3 FREE AR points! This must be completed by Thursday, April 12, 2012! I will also replace your LOWEST DAILY GRADE WITH A 100 IF YOU COMP...


[Benchmark#4Audio.mp3] This is the audio for Benchmark #4.


Complete this short assignment by Wednesday, February 22, 2012, to receive 1 free AR point! In a comment, think of or write your own simile. The...

Narritive Timeline

What do you see here? What situation is occurring? In a word document, write a personal narritive describing a situation that you have ha...


This is the powerpoint from Monday! You might need it for your homework if you didn't take "good notes!" :-) [Download file "Varying_sent_struct2....

FREE AR POINT 3rd Six-Weeks

Why did the Chicken cross the road? Make up your OWN creative answer. You cannot copy what others have already put! You must put the first par...

Benchmark #3 Audio Version

[7th_Grade_ELA_Benchmark#3.mp3] Benchmark #3 Audio Version. Press pause between each question. Press play to resume after answering the qu...

Complete/Incomplete Sentences Powerpoint

Download this powerpoint to your netbook for review of complete and incomplete sentences. [Download file "CompletevsIncomplete_Sentences.ppt"]

Benchmark #2 Audio Version


Free AR Point!

To get 1 FREE AR point this six-weeks, pick a word from the list below and use it correctly in a COMPLETE sentence. Points will not be awarded t...

The Cay Vocabulary 1-4

Download this document. Using the internet, define the vocabulary words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from a website. [Download file "The Cay Vocab...

Verbs Video