Confidentiality Workshop

    Please follow directions for all 4 Assignments.
    Assignment (1) Please take time to watch this video and then answer the questions below (use Internet Explorer Browser to view Video) Download file "Confidentiality3.swf"

    Assignment (2) Consider each of the scenarios below. Some may have more than one part. (1) Identify whether confidentiality is being violated or not. (2) If yes, then give an explanation as to how YOU would correct the situation.

    Example: Teacher A is standing in the hall way and asks Teacher B if he has any special education students in his classes. Is confidentiality being violated? Yes or No

    (A) Yes, because the teachers should not be discussing students under IDEA in the hall. (B) I would tell Teacher A this was not the time or place to discuss students.


    (1) The secretary in the office has constant access to student information as she files records of all the students, acts as attendance clerk and assists with the PEIMS reports that are sent to TEA. What advice can you offer the secretary concerning information she might have access to?

    (2) A parent wanted to inspect her child's achievement test results. She was given her child's test booklet, his individual scoring summary and the class scoring summary to review. She was also shown the district profile for comparison. Were confidentiality procedures violoated? Explain your answer.

    (3) A teacher keeps excellent records on her students. She is very conscienctious about keeping records upt-to-date and takes the time to write down her observations about each child. On closer examination; however, her administrator discovered that her observations contained such statements as "Consuelo comes from a very negligent home. Her mother is lazy and does not work. And "Bruce is a strange boy who often plays with girls' tolys. This is probably because his father is a weak man with very feminine tendencies."

    What suggestions would you give this teacher about her recordkeeping?

    (4) A regular and a special education teacher were sitting in the teachers' lounge discussing a child they both taught. They called the child by name and talked about his behavior problems, his family situation and his handicapping condition. Were the teachers violating confidentiality? Explain your answer.

    (5) Teacher A was in her classroom between the bells when Teacher B came in and said, "I want to talk to you about Bobby. He's driving me crazy in social studies class. I don't know how you put up with him; he's the worst kid I've ever seen!" How would you handle this situation if you were Teacher A?

    (6) The school posts on the main office bulletin board a list of all the students who need tutorials. Was confidentiality violated? Explain your answer.

    (7) A student is talking to another employee and says, "I heard there are 9 girls pregnant in the high school! Do you know who they are?" The employee replies, "I don't know all of them. One of them is Sally Sue and I think Mary Moore is another one. If you find out who the rest are let me know." Was confidentiality violated? If you overheard this conversation what should you say?

    Assignment (3) Take QUIZ for Certificate It is required by law that you demonstrate your understanding following Confidentiality Training.

    Assignment (4) Print Agreement (4) Print, Sign and Turn in this form below to the Superintendent's Secretary.
    Download file "Confidentiality_Employees.doc"

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