MORE FUN with Cell Phones!

Activity 1: Nature Trails Treasure Hunt -- In-the-Field Research using Cell Phones
1. Split students up into groups of 3.
2. Give them examples of flora and fauna they should be able to find during their field work.
3. Each specimen that they find, they need to record the GPS location and take a picture of the specimen with their cell phone.
4. Upon returning to the classroom, each group can research information about their specimens and map out its location
You can also use in the field. Students are given the Poll address to send the names of their specimens as they find them. The facilitator is able to watch the poll in the field to see what has been found and who found it first. A game can be made with a point system for each group and how many specimens they find.
This activity was used a the Science Discovery Place and Six Flags Physics Day. It can be adapted for any field trip to keep students engaged in the curriculum.
Resources: - How to use Cell Phones