Mobile Apps for Arp ISD

The following Mobile Apps are available for Arp ISD

Watch Video: School Connect is NOW SchoolWay!

How to Download SchoolWay®
1. Go to this page: to download App
a. Please Note: If you are using an iPad, be sure that you have selected the “iPhone Apps” tab.
2. Swipe through the “What’s New” screens and tap the “OK” button.
3. The app will then take you to a log in page.
a. If you have an existing user account with SchoolWay, tap the “Sign In” button, enter your username and password, and sign in.
b. If you would like to create an account, tap the “Register” button, and type in your information.
c. If you would not like to create an account, simply click the “Trial View” button to be taken directly into the app.
i. Please note: Selecting “Trial View” will still allow you to utilize the full version of the SchoolWay app.
4. Select your user role, and tap the “Save” button.
5. Select your state
6. Select your district, and use the “On/Off” buttons to subscribe to push messages from your district, and any schools you’d like t o follow. Tap the “Save” button.

All school information, calendars, schedules, events, courses, and emergency push notifications will be available.

Go to SchoolWay:

We are using the SchoolWay app to keep you involved in what is going on at our school. If you have not downloaded the SchoolWay app already, do it today! SchoolWay is available for Apple, Android, and any other device with the ability to access the internet! Be sure to turn on push messages for our school! Check out their website for more information.

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