Free Tools 101

    Free Tools & Online Services

    Agenda: Exploring Free Software and Services

    ( Introduction to Download.com: http://www.download.com (FOR HOME USE ONLY!!!) If the district wants you to download software they will make it available to you in the Teachers Software Folder OR on the Free Software Page below.

    Free Software Chart: http://www.arpisd.org/inserv/Online_Learning.htm If you need help loading any of these, please let us know and we will load them for you.

    (1) Bubbl.us: http://bubbl.us - pre-writing, brainstorming, main idea

    (2) FUN with Cell Phones:

    (a) PollEverywhere.com http://podcast.arpisd.org/users/joy/weblog/76a37/FUN_with_Cell_Phones.html

    (b) AND MORE FUN with Cell Phones http://podcast.arpisd.org/users/joy/weblog/737c3/MORE_FUN_with_Cell_Phones.html

    (3) EtherPad is a free collaborative service provided by many different providers on the Internet. One such provider is PiratePad. Lets learn about PiratePad http://podcast.arpisd.org/users/joy/weblog/5067e/FUN_with_PIRATEPAD.html

    (4) Free Online eBook Library: http://podcast.arpisd.org/users/joy/weblog/b7cd8/Online_Free_eBook_Library.html

    (5) Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1258995/learners

    (6) HTML <Embed> code into Blog: http://podcast.arpisd.org/users/joy/weblog/ca2ed/Copying_HTML_into_Blog.html