(This document is in Google Share also so that you can access iPAD cart invitations from your device)

    GREAT INTRODUCTION TO THE KINDLE APP: http://lifehacker.com/a-students-guide-to-using-the-kindle-for-research-1502276466

    Download Kindle to PC: http://www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/pc/download

    Arp ISD Kindle WhisperCast Free eBooks library in the cloud for all ages (including Parents) and Classroom Sets. What is currently available in Arp WhisperCast Library is only a sample of what you may order.

    To participate in free eBooks from the cloud you only have to:
    (1) Accept the appropriate invitation (Click on the Link for your interest group OR cart – If you are accepting books for a cart you ONLY need to accept an invitation once by creating a single Kindle account on one iPad using the “tech” ID…. (example: techsix@arpisd.org ) Once you have accepted the content on one iPAD, merely log into each iPAD’s Kindle App with exactly the same ID and you will see all the books available to that ID. See invitations below.
    (2) Accept content from Arp ISD)
    (2) Log into your Kindle OR Kindle App (PC, MAC, iPAD, etc) If this is for a cart, then login with your “tech” account (i.e. techsix@arpisd.org). If this is for your personal device then login into Kindle App with your personal device account.
    (3) Click on the “Cloud”. You will see all the books available to you. Only download the book(s) that you are interested in having on your device. You can keep the book in the cloud or you can download it to device(s). Once downloaded to device you can always delete it later to save room for new books. It remains in the “cloud library” so you can re-download it if you need it again later.

    I will be providing free books from WhisperCast specifically for campus age groups and for parents (see appropriate invitations below).

    If you wish to purchase a classroom set of books for your classroom, you will need to create a PO to Capital One, have it approved, and our Business Manager will push out the books to your "group".

    It is my intention to initiate this service and eventually to spread this responsibility out to each campus using a volunteer WhisperCast manager. I am hoping the libraries will also take on this service.

    WHEN I send out an email list of FREE Kindle ebooks and you see a book that you would like in WhisperCast (Library in the sky that can be accessed anytime in the future), then please let me know and I will add them to your “cart” or interest group. They will remain in the “cloud” until you want to read them or download them to your device(s).

    WhisperCast allows you to do soooo much more like loan books and upload documents in PDF format that can be shared and pushed out to groups of devices. Hope you will become a lot more familiar with this service in the future!

    Invitations (Click on the link provided from your device and login to Kindle with appropriate ID):

    Provided Here is the Parent Link.

    Parents (Adults downloading for self or children) LINK

    For Arp ISD Group Links please visit



    Electronic (ebooks) improve student's literacy skills