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Test on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012 over communication process.



Speech - We are writing resumes. Make sure you put your references in a separate document.

English - We are working on nonfiction. We will have a test next week. Keep up with your assignments on Edmodo and make sure you submit them when they are complete.



Romeo and Juliet Test Tomorrow (Oct. 26)!!!!


Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

Download file "Romeo and Juliet vocab word.docx"
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Download the Power Point.Download file "Shakespeare's Life.pptx"


Speech Travel Power Point

Download file "travel_power_point.docx"

Download this word document. It tells you what you need in your Power Point for speech.




Stewart read Speak and it was AWESOME! I recommend that every teenage girl read the novel.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Arp High School! We are going to have a great year! I am teaching English I, Speech, and doing in-class assistance. I am really excited about this year and expect great things from all of my students. I will be posting assignments and information on this blog as well as Edmodo. I will put attach work and put announcements on this blog. All of my students will need to bring a pencil/pen and paper to class. I will also require tissue, hand sanitizer or wipes, and expo markers. I will be utilizing the netbooks daily, so it is important for my student to have their comptuers charged and with them in class every day. I will have an area available to charge computers in my room. My classroom will be a place of active learning with discipline. I hope to see everyone at Meet the Tigers/Meet the Teachers on Monday, August 22. Again, I am really excited about the upcoming school year and hope to make a difference in students' lives!


TKAM Harper Lee

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Here is a sample outline

Download file "Sample Outline.docx"


Note taking

Here is an example of how to take notes.

Download file "notetaking.docx"


go to this site to find out more about propaganda.


English I and II research

You will begin your research by choosing a topic. Please read the information on the link below and decide what topic you wish to do. You will be required to comment on this blog to propose your topic. It must be a sentence or paragraph explaining what your topic is and why you chose it. Your topic should NOT be controversial. This is a straight general research paper not an argumentative essay. You need to choose something that you are interested in. If you do not have a laptop, this project is going to be more difficult for you. I will sign up for the computer lab and library for a few days, but you will have a lot of work to do on your own. English I - You will be doing a short fact find. English II - your paper will be 2 to 3 pages long. I will be grading the paper based on the rubric attached to this blog. The final paper will be worth 2 test grades. You will have preliminary grades that will be daily grades as you go along.
FInd a research topic:
Develop an outline
Write a works cited page using MLA style
You must use parenthetical documentation inside your paper. You will learn more about this as you write your paper.

Download file "Research Rubric.docx"Download file "Research Paper - 10th grade-2011.docx"
Download file "Research Product 9th Spring 2011.docx"
Download file "Research Project Rubric 9th.docx"


English I March 21-25

You will be starting research. On Monday, you will choose your topic. We will discuss finding sources and what a reliable source is. We will also discuss plagiarism. On Tuesday, you will actually begin your research. I will be there on Tuesday to assist you in finding information about your topic. You must use at least 3 sources in your paper. You will NOT be allowed to use Wikipedia. This is an example of an unreliable source. As we continue researching, I will assist you with anything you need. I will NOT do your research for you. You will have 5 grades for this project: Works cited, outline, rough draft, and 2 major grades for the final copy. The two major grades will be separated into a content grade and an organization/citation grade. I will show you websites that you can go find good reliable information on.


English II March 21-23

You should be editing your video and addings special features. I will not be here on Wednesday or Thursday, but your videos are due on Wednesday. You will be starting something new on Wednesday.


English II March 10

Do your How To... paper and turn it in by attaching to edmodo. This is a group thing, but please make sure your group members' names are on the paper.


English II

Please comment on my blog and tell me what you are doing for your How to project. Answer the following questions.
1. Why did you choose your topic?
2. What are 3 things you have learned about your topic that you didn't know before?
3. How can you improve your project?


Speech Mar 8-11

Read the attachment and follow the instructions in the first paragraph. Post a comment on this blog discussing what you learned about the perception of different people being asked to carry out the same task.
Download the attachment because we will revisit the instructions daily until we have completed the assignments.
Also download the denotation... chart. We will be using this in class this week.

Download file "written_oral_lang_diff.docx"

Download file "denotation_connotation_chart.docx"


English I March 7 look here for a business letter format look here for a memo format look here for a sample business email format