Math Lesson 9.5

"If there's more on top--- there's no need to stop"
"If there's more on the floor---go next dor and borrow 10 more."

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spelling bee

Get a piece of paper and a pencil. As I call out a spelling word write it down. Have a family member check your work. Practice & Good Luck!!!

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Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and happy new year!


2nd Grade Ppt.


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Third Six Weeks Spelling Lists

Here is the list of spelling words for the 3rd six weeks of school....

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click on to see the powerpoint totals we have collected thus far! Go ARP!!!!

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Art History 2011-2012

This is your slide and learn!!!!!!!! You best be watching 2!!!!!!

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Verbs & Nouns

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Welcome everyone!! Guess who's teaching 2nd Grade?!?! MEEEEEEEE :) I've gotta redue my blog but i'm anxious to see if i can attach a video that was recorded today during our Science lesson...sooooo....let's see!!!!!

awww... couldn't figure it out! If you can pull it up will you leave me a comment??? can listen :)

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art history

Download file "Art_History.ppt" UIL on to the art history ppt for the slide show of your artists! Have fun! Try WRITING as much information as you can remember and then go back and check your work. I am so proud of each of you for working so hard! Try clicking on artists_slideshow.ppt to start learning about the artists. Added "Oil on canvas" start getting familar with how these works of art were created... Have fun! More to come :*)
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Labor Day Celebrations

Aug 30th - Sept 3rd
What a grreat time we are having celebrating our 1st holiday of the school year, Labor Day! What is Labor Day all about anyway? Well, we learned that although Labor Day is a Federal holiday which celebrates workers there are some professions that must stay open 24/7 such as our police and fire departments, 911 operators, and our hosipitals. We also learned which professions take the day off such as our schools, post offices and banks. Some activities included: community worker collages, assembling eddilble fire trucks, playing games such as musical chairs, whose balloon is biggest, and boiled egg "roll". So on your day off remember the different ways to celebrate this holiday with your friends and family. Next week we will celebrate another holiday...GraNdPaRenTs DaY!

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successful 1st week

What a grrreat first week back! I enjoyed getting reaquainted with everyone and meeting some new Arp Tigers! Our 1st assignment was to create a painting giving me an insight to something you did over the summer break. It was fun and insightful to listen to how much fun you and your families had over your vacation. Many of you went to Galveston, South Padre, Six Flags, The Villages, Hurricane Harbor, and Sea World. Others had fun with friends playing hide-and-go-seek, going fishing, playing video games, jumping on the trampoline, and going to see the Texas Rangers play some good 'ol baseball. These and many more adventures were demonstrated through your paintings. This assignment was successful giving me a great opportunity to welcome each of you back. As we move forward, please remember to pay $5 towards the 2010-2011 Art Class. Next week, we will learn about Labor Day by creating different crafts to celebrate our 1st holiday of the school year! Check back periodically to see pictures taking during class time. Thanks for a super 1st week of school!



YAY! Welcome Back and welcome newcomers to Arp Elementary. You are going to have so much fun! Come prepared to get messy as you learn! Looking forward to seeing you!