For Teachers

    This semester at UT Tyler I learned how to use a few websites for designing lessons that are web-based. I thought I would share them with you. I will post the documents that tell you step by step how to create a web based lesson using certain sites. All of these documents were given to me by Dr. Larry Kraus, my professor at UT Tyler.
    The first one I will share is called Trackstar. The document below tells you how to create a lesson in Trackstar for your students to use.

    Download file "TrackStar.doc"

    Here are some sample lessons to check out as well.

    Go to http://trackstar.4teachers.org and then enter the Track number to view the lesson.

    Poetry Track (Which I created and Mrs. Stewart used with her Freshman and Sophmore English classes) #415618

    Christopher Columbus Track-created by one of my classmates #416128

    Coronary Heart Disease-also created by a classmate #415475

    The next one is called Filamentality. The document below tells you how to create a lesson using the Filamentality site. There are several different types of lesson you can create. All of my examples are "Samplers".

    Download file "Filamentality.doc"

    Poetry Sampler -created by me and used by Ms. Rousseau's English classes.


    Hypertension Sampler-created by a classmate


    Obesity Sampler-created by a classmate


    Native American Sampler-created by a classmate


    I also learned how to create a webpage using Html. It was really neat as well. I am attaching the document that tells how to create a web page using html. However, to make our pages available to our classmates we uploaded them to a server through UT Tyler. I am not sure exactly how to make it work for us to create them and use them with our students. It was still a lot of fun though.

    Download file "Web Page Assignment Preview.doc"
    Download file "WRITING_WEB_PAGES.doc"
    Download file "Web Assignment.doc"
    Download file "Uploading pages.doc"

    My webpage link is


    I really enjoyed learning how to do all these and would be glad to help any of you who would like to try it out for yourself.