Drawing Results

    Danielle Pittman

    Advocacy Group Winner of a $200 prepaid Visa Card

    Tiffany Gilley

    Non-Advocacy Group Winner of a $200 prepaid Visa Card

    Special Shout Outs to the following:

    Colton Densberger-Most-Entries Earned : Advocacy Group

    Mariana Ponce-2nd Most Entries : Advocacy Group

    Danielle Pittman-3rd Most Entries Earned : Advocacy Group

    Dimitri Bowie –Most Entries Earned : Non-Advocacy

    Laurissa Roberts-2nd Most Entries : Non-Advocacy

    Allison Tiger-3rd Most Entries : Non-Advocacy

    (and she had only 6 classes instead of 8!)

    Be on the lookout for information on the Spring Semester Drawings. But beware….It is going to be harder to earn entries next time!!!!