"Tootsie's Most Wanted"

    Bail Money Needed

    Brett aka “The Imposter”

    Representing the Freshmen Class

    Dakota and Laurissa

    aka “Bonnie and Clyde”

    Representing the Sophomore Class

    Tiffany aka “Speedy”

    Representing the Junior Class

    Michael aka “The Gambler”

    Representing the Senior Class

    Mrs. A aka “The Spy”

    Representing the Faculty and Staff

    Please donate money between now and Friday, November 2nd, 2012, to help bail your criminal out of jail. The donation buckets will be located in the Arp High School Library beginning Friday, October 26th. All donations go towards this year's "Tiger's Day Out" Trip.

    There is a competition in place. The Grade level that raises the most money to bail out their criminal will be allowed to use their cellphones at lunch for one week. Totals will be revealed at the Senior Pep Rally on November 2nd.

    See Ms. Hudson in room 219 for more details.