Bail Me Out Fundraiser Video



"Tootsie's Most Wanted"

Bail Money Needed

Brett aka “The Imposter”

Representing the Freshmen Class

Dakota and Laurissa

aka “Bonnie and Clyde”

Representing the Sophomore Class

Tiffany aka “Speedy”

Representing the Junior Class

Michael aka “The Gambler”

Representing the Senior Class

Mrs. A aka “The Spy”

Representing the Faculty and Staff

Please donate money between now and Friday, November 2nd, 2012, to help bail your criminal out of jail. The donation buckets will be located in the Arp High School Library beginning Friday, October 26th. All donations go towards this year's "Tiger's Day Out" Trip.

There is a competition in place. The Grade level that raises the most money to bail out their criminal will be allowed to use their cellphones at lunch for one week. Totals will be revealed at the Senior Pep Rally on November 2nd.

See Ms. Hudson in room 219 for more details.




Christmas Party

We will be having a small Christmas party during 4th period on Friday December 16th. 4th period students need to bring a wrapped educational gift to be used during the gift exchange game. We will be using the story "Lefty The Elf". Students also need to bring a snack to share with the group such as cookies, chips and dip, cupcakes, or other yummy holiday snacks. So start shopping now :)


Early Release Days

This Friday, December 2, 2011, we will get out of school @ 1:00 PM. Good Luck at the Playoffs Tigers!!
Next Thursday and Friday will be early release days as well due to UIL activities being held in the district.
December 16th wll be an early release day and then we will begin our Christmas break. School will resume January 2nd, 2012.



Thanksgiving Break : Early Release @ 1:00 November 22nd
No school November 23-25


Using Text effects

moving pics like flaming words are gifs not jpeg


New Year New Classes

Welcome back everyone! I am no longer working out of the Learning Lab. This year I will be teaching in Room 219. Here is a wordle about the subjects I will be teaching this year.

Mad World Song



Interactive Study Guides
Click on the following link
Then follow these directions:

On left hand side Click in the Blue Box where it says Go to the Interactive Study Guides

Change the grade level to your grade level…2 study guides will appear

Choose the one on the right by clicking on the word interactive – make sure it is the one for reading not math.

The following table of contents will appear on your screen:

Download file "Directions for Blog.doc"


Drawing Results

Danielle Pittman

Advocacy Group Winner of a $200 prepaid Visa Card

Tiffany Gilley

Non-Advocacy Group Winner of a $200 prepaid Visa Card

Special Shout Outs to the following:

Colton Densberger-Most-Entries Earned : Advocacy Group

Mariana Ponce-2nd Most Entries : Advocacy Group

Danielle Pittman-3rd Most Entries Earned : Advocacy Group

Dimitri Bowie –Most Entries Earned : Non-Advocacy

Laurissa Roberts-2nd Most Entries : Non-Advocacy

Allison Tiger-3rd Most Entries : Non-Advocacy

(and she had only 6 classes instead of 8!)

Be on the lookout for information on the Spring Semester Drawings. But beware….It is going to be harder to earn entries next time!!!!


For Teachers

This semester at UT Tyler I learned how to use a few websites for designing lessons that are web-based. I thought I would share them with you. I will post the documents that tell you step by step how to create a web based lesson using certain sites. All of these documents were given to me by Dr. Larry Kraus, my professor at UT Tyler.
The first one I will share is called Trackstar. The document below tells you how to create a lesson in Trackstar for your students to use.

Download file "TrackStar.doc"

Here are some sample lessons to check out as well.

Go to and then enter the Track number to view the lesson.

Poetry Track (Which I created and Mrs. Stewart used with her Freshman and Sophmore English classes) #415618

Christopher Columbus Track-created by one of my classmates #416128

Coronary Heart Disease-also created by a classmate #415475

The next one is called Filamentality. The document below tells you how to create a lesson using the Filamentality site. There are several different types of lesson you can create. All of my examples are "Samplers".

Download file "Filamentality.doc"

Poetry Sampler -created by me and used by Ms. Rousseau's English classes.

Hypertension Sampler-created by a classmate

Obesity Sampler-created by a classmate

Native American Sampler-created by a classmate

I also learned how to create a webpage using Html. It was really neat as well. I am attaching the document that tells how to create a web page using html. However, to make our pages available to our classmates we uploaded them to a server through UT Tyler. I am not sure exactly how to make it work for us to create them and use them with our students. It was still a lot of fun though.

Download file "Web Page Assignment Preview.doc"
Download file "WRITING_WEB_PAGES.doc"
Download file "Web Assignment.doc"
Download file "Uploading pages.doc"

My webpage link is

I really enjoyed learning how to do all these and would be glad to help any of you who would like to try it out for yourself.


Advocacy and Non-Advocacy Drawing

Guess what everybody? That's right! The drawing for the gift cards will be this Thursday. Some of you have worked very hard at keeping your grades up and earning entries. A special shout out and round of applause for those few of you who returned your "Missing Work" forms to me for bonus entries.
Congratulations also to Andre Summers, Colton Densberger, Mariana Ponce, Danielle Pittman, and Dimitri Bowie. These folks won $20 gift cards for having the most A's at each grade reporting period so far.



Here is a webpage that I created for Graduate School. It has some really cool links on it for practicing with Genetics. Be sure to check it out!


New Welcome


More Geometry Notes

Here is the handout that you studied and used during the 2nd Six Weeks.

Download file "notes_2sw.doc"

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4 Days Until Thanksgiving

Yipee! It is almost Thanksgiving!!


Tiger Pride


Video on Technology in the Classroom


More Useful Handouts

World History

Download file "Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes ch2 sec1.docx"
Download file "Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes ch2 sec2.docx"
Download file "Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes ch2 sec3.docx"
Download file "Daily Lecture and Discussion Notes ch2 sec4.docx"


Useful handouts