Unit 3 Biochemistry

    ology students,
    Unit 3 starts with a review of chemistry. I hope that you already know the basics, for example parts of an atom, types of chemical bonds, balancing equations, etc..... But if you don't or if you need a good review i have attached below, some notes that you can look at or print that i hope will help you fill in gaps that you may have. Also come to tutorials if extra help is needed.
    Our primary focus on this unit will be on the 4 basic biomolecules found in living things. (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids) These molecules are organic (contain carbon) and provide the body with the energy, the building blocks of cells and even the genetic information to who you are. Fasten your seat belts because we are going to move quickly through this unit. Fridays lab will consist of building models of molecules, to give you some idea of the complex make-up of these biomolecules and the energy bonds they contain.

    Download file "Introduction to Chemistry for Coach Keith.doc"
    Download file "CHEMISTRY REVIEW.doc"
    Download file "Biochemistry Review.doc"
    Download file "Biochemistry notes.doc"