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Here are some of the materials that you will need for the Evolution Unit. They will also be posted in our Edmodo class assignments. The materials in...

Happy Holidays

Wishing all Arp Students and Parents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!.

2011-2012 Welcome to Biology

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[Download file "Animal classification lab.docx"]

Plant Unit

In this unit we will be studying plant structure and reroduction. Now that we all have netbooks we will be getting our notes from this site. Also the...

Protist and Fungi Unit

[Download file "Protists powerpoint.pptx"][Download file "Kingdom Fungi.pptx"]

Unit 3A Cell parts and functions

This unit will include two parts. The first part will include the following: 1. Cell Theory (with scientist) 2. Cell diversity (Prokaryotic, Eukary...

INtroduction 2010

Click on this link for introductionIntroduction


This unit is a review of basic chemistry and study of biological molecules [Download file "Biochemistry.pdf"]

2010-2011 UNIT 1 BIOLOGY

Students welcome to Coach Keiths' Biology Class This site will become very useful to you throughout the year. You will be able to find the powerpo...


Next to last unit!!! This Unit will include all things in the Animal Kingdom. Below is the powerpoints to help with all assignments and study for thi...

Virus & Bacteria Unit

This beginning of this unit will focus on Virus (nonliving) and Bacteria (living) information. Attached is the virus notes, bacteria notes, and rev...


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Unit 4 Cells

unit has 3 main topics. 1. Cell structure and function 2. Cell processes to maintain Homeostasis 3. Cell processes for energy producti...

Unit 3 Biochemistry

ology students, Unit 3 starts with a review of chemistry. I hope that you already know the basics, for example parts of an ...

Ecology Unit

Students , Unit 2 in C-SCOPE in Ecology. This unit is very important in gaining knowledge about our enviroment and the interaction that take p...


Hello Students Welcome to Coach Keiths Blog for Biology I Students. [Download file "scien.method.avi"] [Download fil...