More Math

We have had a great time practicing all that we are learning in math! Here are some quick pictures of us hard at work! (sorry some of them are blurry - we are busy!!!)


Math & Nature Walk

We have started working on understanding tens and ones. A much harder task than some might think. We've been working with partners to make and count numbers with our tens and ones pieces. Hopefully we can grasp this concept before we begin to put it on paper.

We also took a nature walk today after recess. We love to look at the interesting things that are along the trails, collect pine cones, look for footprints, and see how nature changes as a result of the changing seasons. Here we are at the end of our walk.

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Halloween 2011

Ah yes. Before I forget... we had a great selection of book characters for Halloween this year...

I took about 8 pictures trying to get a good one with everyone. But someone is always laughing, talking, moving, or anything else that might end in -ing... so this is about the best we could do.

I think we may still be on a sugar high...

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Pep Rally at the High School

Yesterday our class got to travel with the whole elementary over to the high school to watch the pep rally before the West Rusk game. The kids had a great time on the bus and at the high school! They have such Tiger Spirit!!

Ashley, Sophia & Gracie


BJ, Katlyn & Colton

Johnny, Shamareal & Landon

Mason, Cyla & Aubrey


Homecoming 2011

Our class at the homecoming pep-rally!


Week of: March 21

We are back from spring break and I hope you all had a fantastic time. Our class has many things to learn in the upcoming weeks... please remember to help your child read each evening. This will help us greatly in the classroom.
Spelling Words this week are:
1. called
2. just
3. where
4. most
5. know
6. ouch
7. cow
8. brown
9. count
10. south
Please remember to practice them daily for our test on Friday. Also, please remember to practice your list of first grade sight words that are in your notebook. I will be testing students over their words this week so that we can begin to move to the next list.


New Fish :)

For official Valentine's Day, Ms. E bought a new fish for the classroom. Votes are *still* out for a name, but we are all excited to have a new member to room 304!


Valentine Card Exchange - February 11, 2011


100th Day of School - February 2, 2011

The 100th day of school is a GREAT day! We love celebrating how many days we've been in school. We had a great day, read 100 books, and grouped 100 objects. :)


Halloween 2010

Lots of fun on Halloween! We got to dress as book characters or super heros! Awesome!


Random Recess Moments


Homecoming (September 2010) Part 2


Homecoming (September 2010)

Our students had a great time with TWO pep-rallies for Homecoming! Here are some of our pictures!


Dad Volunteer Day!

Today is Dad Volunteer Day and we were able to have one of the dad's come and read THREE stories to us! Thank you Mrs. Parnell for organizing "DVD" so that we can have this opportunity!

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Weekly Update

It is hard to believe that we are almost to the end of the first 3 weeks of school! We have done lots of fun things in our class, and can't wait to continue learning! Here are just a few snapshots of our second and third weeks of school!

Brittan & Taylor reading in Ms. E's chair!

Brittan & Taylor reading in Ms. E's chair!

AJ & Dorian playing with blocks in math tubs!

AJ & Dorian playing with blocks during math tubs!

Jazzlynn, Taylor, & Abby working with pattern blocks!

Jazzlynn, Taylor & Abby working with pattern blocks!

And all this is JUST the beginning! :)


First Week

Wow! It has been an amazing first week of school! We have been very busy here in room 304!
Here is a little peek inside our classroom! Ready for the first day of school!Our Classroom
There will be lots of learning AND fun going on in our room!
This week at recess we saw this BIG spider outside! Unfortunately, when we went out Wednesday, the spider was gone.
Recess! :)
We look forward to another great week! Stay tuned for more pictures, updates, and all sorts of fun from First Grade!
Ms. E.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Arp Elementary! I'm excited that you are here! Please check back for updates and more! :)

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