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Drinks - Spanish

Know the following words for the Spanish quiz on Friday: La cena - dinner La comida - food El bistec - steak El pollo - chicken Te - tea Te ...


Here is a list of archetypes: The Hero A larger-than-life character that often goes on some kind of jou...

Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day for March 21 Today's word is "DISMAY," as in: "The doctor went to give me a shot and tol' me "Dis may hurt a little bit....


Refer to the following picture for today's assignment. [Download file "Archetype.jpg"]

Lunch Foods

Know the following terms for the quiz on Friday! El almuerzo - lunch En el almuerzo - for lunch La ensalada - salad La hamburguesa - hamburger...

Breakfast Foods

Know the following breakfast items for the quiz on Friday (3/23). El desayuno - breakfast En el desayuno - for breakfast Los huevos - eggs El ...


6 week calendars are going home today! Return them SIGNED by Tuesday, the 24th for full credit, or by the 27th for half credit. They are worth zero...


View the following PowerPoint to understand conjugation of the verb "IR." [Download file "The verb ir.pptx"]

Business Letter Prompt

Write a letter using the following prompts! This is due by Thursday the 5th at midnight to my email - [Download file "Letter Prompt...

Semester Test Review

Review sheet number one for our test on Friday! [Download file "Test 1 practice.doc"]

Vocab 1 Review

Please review the following terms for the quiz. [Download file "Vocab 1 review.doc"]

Object Location

Please study the following terms that discuss object location: Alli - there Aqui - here Donde - where En - in Al lado de - beside Debajo de ...


Please refer to the following Power Point if you have questions about interrogatives. [Download file "Interrogatives.pptx"]

"A Marriage Proposal" essay question

Please answer the following question in essay form based on the play we read, "A Marriage Proposal." "Define the term satire and discuss how it u...

Spanish Word of the Day - October 26

Today's Spanish word of the day is FORECLOSE, as in: "Dis suitcase is for shoes and dis suitcase is foreclose!" Get it?

"Sonnet 18" by William Shakespeare

Read through this poem and be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow (October 26). SONNET 18 Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Tho...

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas

Read through this poem with your group and be prepared to discuss it in class today. Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should bur...


Make sure you know these adjectives in Spanish and English. [Download file "Adjectives 1.doc"]

Spanish Word of the Day - October 13

Today's Spanish word of the day is OBAMA, as in: "My buddy flaked out on me and I had to go to the club obama self." Get it?

Vocab 1 powerpoint

This is the powerpoint we used for vocabulary - refer to it if you need help answering the review. [Download file "SP1Vocab1-A.ppsx"]