I is for Ice Cream

    What better way to learn about the letter I than to make a little homemade ice cream!!!

    We learned all the important ingredients for ice cream. We were able to see what they look like, smell like, and taste like before they go into our ice cream.... Then we added the most important thing, COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! We shook and we shook and we shook.

    We were able to watch and feel our ice cream change from a liquid into a solid. The discussions about things freezing were priceless.

    While we tasted our ice cream, we talked about the different flavors that we could have made. We talked about adding chocolate candy bars to turn it into chocolate; or we decided we could add strawberries and make it "pink" or strawberry ice cream.

    After we finished our taste test, we voted to see our favorite flavor of ice cream... The class favorite was . . . CHOCOLATE!