Ice Cream Social

Our class won this six weeks Box Tops party. This puts us in third place for the whole school!!!!! YAY! Since we didn't have a "party" at school some of us met up at Andy's to celebrate together...


New Rug!!!

The kids were soooooo excited to unpack our new rug!!!


Letter of the Week.... Ll

Our letter last week was L. We learned lots of new words that begin with that sound. Here are a few of the activities we enjoyed.

We read "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle. Then we made our own grouchy ladybugs... What do you think???

Lion starts with "L" too. We practiced making an AB pattern on his mane. We have learned to look for patterns in size, color, shape, movement, and sound. Have your child find patterns in the world around him at home.

Lemonaide please!!!! While makeing Lemonaide and then Limeaide, we learned about solids and liquids. We also learned new words like sour, bitter, sweet, and tangy. Mrs. Pops dropped in to share a glass with us.


Center Time

Center Time is a very treasured part of our day. When you see us playing, we aren't just playing, we are learning!!!

Kolby and Caden are investigating the world around them...

This may look like a puzzle to you, but it is helping me learn alphabetical order.

Just look at that writing. :)

Jadaelyn and Davon are learning to explore magnetic properties.


Class Photo...

Here is an updated class photo for the parents that have been asking... :)

Miraculously, we were all here!!! But as you can see it's hard to get everyone to look in the same direction at the same time... Better luck next time!


I is for Ice Cream

What better way to learn about the letter I than to make a little homemade ice cream!!!

We learned all the important ingredients for ice cream. We were able to see what they look like, smell like, and taste like before they go into our ice cream.... Then we added the most important thing, COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! We shook and we shook and we shook.

We were able to watch and feel our ice cream change from a liquid into a solid. The discussions about things freezing were priceless.

While we tasted our ice cream, we talked about the different flavors that we could have made. We talked about adding chocolate candy bars to turn it into chocolate; or we decided we could add strawberries and make it "pink" or strawberry ice cream.

After we finished our taste test, we voted to see our favorite flavor of ice cream... The class favorite was . . . CHOCOLATE!


Christmas Party

What a blast we had!!! Thanks for all the help getting our room decorated... It really was amazing to see the kid's faces when they saw our room transformed into Christmas Party mode!

I was so excited that so many parents were able to come. Your kids were so excited to have you here! Some of them didn't want you to leave.

Madelyne and Ms. Beth
The cookie decorating station was a HUGE success!!! Thanks Nikki Batie for buying all the stuff to make it possible!!!

There was so much food that we couldn't eat it all! But let me assure you, we definately tried!!!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas break!!! Sorry it took so long to get December added to the blog!!!


Polar Express Day

I think we should wear jammies to school every day... :) I think the kiddos would agree with me! Thanks to all the parents that brought stuff and showed up in their jammies so that we could have a fun relaxing day. We watched Polar Express while sipping hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows...


Christmas Program

Thanks to all who made it to the Christmas program! It was a huge success. If I didn't get a chance to personally speak with you, know how much it meant to me for you to bring your kiddos and support our class. I loved hearing their sweet voices sing Christmas songs. I know you enjoyed it as well...

Waiting for the show...

Blake's time to shine...


Visit from Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus came to read us a story before Christmas. She wanted to check on us and see how we were behaving at school!!! She even brought us an early gift. Hope you guys enjoyed your books from her.



I have entered our class in a donation site to help us receive a classroom rug! You guys know how much we love our duct tape rug but if we could get a real one, we would be SUPER excited!!! Here is the link to follow and donate. If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate this Christmas, please consider us!!!



Well, our friend Pa, went home to be with Jesus... :) He didn't make it through the Thanksgiving break. But, Sweetie is hanging in there! We have learned letters Aa through Hh and how to count to 30. Please continue to work on those things with your kiddo through the Christmas break as well as their shapes and colors. We have also been practicing sorting by shape and color and making patterns. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy bringing in the New Year!!! See you guys back on January 2nd. Big Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos


Class Pets

Today, we welcomed into our classroom Sweetie and Pa. We are now proud caretakers of two lovely goldfish. Pray for the fish that they survive being in my care. Maybe if I leave them completely in the hands of the kiddos they might have a fighting chance. We decided that we had a boy and a girl and they had tons of fun picking out names and then voting for them. Sweetie and Pa were the names with the most votes. Let's hope that I don't have to "replace" them very often!!!!


Exploring Pumpkin Parts

We enjoyed exploring our pumpkins in class today! We created our own pumpkins and a few of us even tasted them!!!


Thanksgiving Shenanigans

We had a wonderful afternoon dressing up like Indians to go to our Thanksgiving Feast of turkey and dressing... We made trees to show the things that we are thankful for in our life. We also learned about the first Thanksgiving and created ears of corn.


Look What We Did!!!

We have been working really hard learning letters Aa through Ff and all about our Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions...

Painting in Centers

Spongebob Turkey

Ee for for Earth

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Early Release

School will be releasing at 2:00 this Friday, November 18th!!!


High School Pep Rally


Trick or Treat

Little knee-high book characters flooded the streets of Arp! Our first field trip was a monumental success. Our first class party followed and didn't disappoint! TRICK OR TREAT!!!



October was a month filled with more fun that we could handle. We wore crazy socks, our favorite hats, supported our teams, and so much more!!! We celebrated Homecoming, Cancer Awareness, and of course Halloween!!! We may have been crazy, we may have been wild, but we sure enjoyed ourselves.

Camo Day

We support Cancer Awareness!!!

Pastor Appreciation Program

Fall Festival Fun