Research project

    This week you will be working on a research project over a famous mathematician. You will do a power point presentation that needs to be a minimum of 7 slides. You will write your notes every day. You may not print them out. Everyday you will turn in your notes for a daily grade. The words in your presentation need to be your own. Do NOT copy and paste from the sites!! If you do you will receive a 0.
    To get full credit for the project you must also turn in a list of websites where you got your information. (Wikipedia does not count. Please do not use this site.)
    You need to atleast have 3 sites.
    To get full credit your slides must have this about your mathematician:
    1. Tell me about his life: when he was born, who his parents were, where he was born... ect. this should at most take up 2 slides. any more and points will be taken off.
    2. tell me what their accomplishments in math were. Atleast a slide for each you choose. Tell me what the discovery was and why it is important.
    3. any interesting facts about the mathematician you can find.
    before you begin your power point you must have ALL your information. This is worth a test grade!!!
    here are your choices of mathematicians:
    Sir Isaac Newton
    Blaise Pascal
    Carl Gauss
    Stefan Banach
    Georg Cantor
    Joseph Fourier
    John von Nuemann
    Brook Taylor
    If you are done you are to do this webquest. This will be worth a test grade if you do it. This could really help your grade!


    Gabriel Reynolds
    May 18, 2009

    This is cool!

    Jessica Daniel
    May 18, 2009

    Hey this is pretty cool!!!
    LOVE YA!!!! Speissanator