April 15, 2009: Day 2 of the budget project

    Well Parker's Dr. appointment went well yesterday. He has gained 1 whole pound!!!! He is so stinking big. He had to get a blood test and they prick their heels to get the blood. Well, they pricked his heel and it didn't bleed like it needed to so they had to prick his heel THREE times!!! I think it hurt me more than it hurt Parker. Oh well I am just going to have to toughen up. Sorry there is no talking head today. I will have one tomorrow for you. I was just exhausted.

    you should have another copy of the budget sheet. You are to adjust your percentages to where your net income is not negative at the end of the month. The month you are in is May. Your situation you have to deal with this month is your water heater has broken, in order to pay for it you have to up your saving percentage by 5 percent. For example if your savings percent was 7% now it would be 12%. Then Answer the questions below. Remember the answers need to be in complete sentences and 1 paragraph to receive credit. 

    1.Did having to fix your water heater affect your budget? Tell me how.

    2. What did you have to do to your budget differently this month and why? 

    3. Do you think it helps to save money each month? Why or why not. 


    Read and complete all the 'try it' sections for objective 6 and do the questions at the end. 

    your 6 weeks test will be a 7th grade taks test. you will begin thursday and will have friday to complete it. Take your time. Tomorrow you will have a review to complete. 


    Kayla Krisle
    Apr 15, 2009

    hey mrs.spiess,and beannie i miss yall very much and cant wait to see yall!!!;)<3