April 23, 2009

    Sorry I haven't had a talking head In a while but I am very tired. I will try to have more next week. I miss you all and have enjoyed seeing you even if it was for just a little while. Here are the tutorials you will watch. 

    7th grade: you are to do the area worksheet, grade when done. 
    Algebra: when you are done with the video i want you to finish the worksheet. don't grade it, we will go over the answers tomorrow. 
    Download file "factoringpolypt1.mov"
    Download file "factoringpolypt2.mov"

    8th grade: 
    after the video do the problems on page 575 (1-5; 7-18) you must complete each table. Grade the paper when done. If you don't get it graded today, grade it tomorrow. 
    Download file "domainandrange.mov"


    Tulio Saso
    Apr 22, 2009

    hi ms. spiess this is tulio, i hope u doing good

    Meredith Huse
    Apr 23, 2009

    dear mrs.spiess . we only have 7 people in our algebra classs and this is to much work for us to do.
    thanks, love 7 of ur algebra class
    <3 kaci, lauren paige, brittani, josie, mer, sarah, jadea!