April 21, 2009: Parker is 3 weeks old!! He is so stinking old.

    So not that ya'll think it's a big deal but bear with me. Parker is 3 whole weeks old now!!! Woohoo. Man I can't believe it. But oh well. So now that the 8th grade test is over, we will have 3 sections on the blog instead of just 2. Now we will have a section for 8th grade math, algebra, and 7th grade honors so there will be 3 separate assignments. 
    Algebra: your assignment is page 663 (1 - 20) grade when done
    Download file "algebraanswers.doc"
    Pre-algebra: your assignment is to do the worksheet over turning fractions into decimals. only i want you to turn them into decimals and percents. Grade when done. i don't have an answer document for this. 

    8th grade math: watch tutorial then do the problems. Grade when done.
    Download file "hiphopmathpt1.mov"
    Download file "hiphopmathpt2.mov"
    Download file "8thanswers.doc"