April 24, 2009: Fun Math Friday (Finally)

    So today we are going to have fun math friday. I know it seems like forever since we have had a fun math Friday. Today you are going to play math memory. The playing cards are located under my desk with the computer on it. They are all the colored poster boards. You need to spread the desks out to make room for the cards on the floor. You will split into 2 teams and play memory. You flip one card over. On the card will either be a math vocabulary word or a definition. Then you will turn over one more card and hope it matches the first card. If it does, you keep the two cards. If it doesn't, you turn both cards over. At the end the team with the most matches wins. I hope you have fun!!! If you get out of hand during the game and don't listen to Mrs. Dillon then you are grounded from fun math friday for 2 weeks and you will do friday math worksheets instead. Remember we do not have to have fun math friday, it depends on how you behave. 

    Have fun!!!


    James Dean
    Apr 24, 2009

    It is cool that you let us have FMF thanx