April 14, 2009: budget project and parkers dr. appointment!

    8th grade: Today you will start a project that will count as your 6 weeks test grade. Mrs. Dillon is going to have you draw jobs, whichever job you draw is the job you have. There are no redraws. You will then follow the directions and the tutorial for your budget and answer the questions. The budget sheet counts as half of your grade and the questions count as the other half of your grade. Your answers to the questions need to be in COMPLETE sentences and need to be atleast one paragraph (thats atleast 4 sentences). The first month that we will budget for will be april. So where it says month on your paper in the blank next to it you should put April. 
    The salaries that are on your paper are yearly salaries. For the project you need the monthly salary so simply divide the salary by 12.


    8th grade tutorial:

    Download file "budgettutorial.mov"

    7th grade
    pg. 208-216 do the try it sections and then do the questions at the end of the section. If you do better on this section than you did the last time we did this i will replace the grade with the higher grade. 


    Jessica Daniel
    Apr 15, 2009

    HEY Mrs.speiss beanie and steven!!!!!
    well hey what is new you guys JK LOL beanie is so cute!!!!!
    OH and mrs dillion said that she really wants too finish that movie we were watchin in your class cause
    she has seen it like 30 times!!!!
    LOL well i love you and i cant wait too see beanie and luis says hey and he loves all you guys