So today is a review for a test you are going to have tomorrow. 8th grade your test is going to be over slope and y-intercept, 7th grade your test is going to be over multiplying and dividing decimals, and algebra your test is going to be over multiplying and factoring polynomials.
    So the review is going to be a little different today....its going to be a game.
    What you are going to do is make up 3 problems for what your test is going to be over. Then each person will go to the board and put one problem on the board. The first person to figure out the answer gets the point. The person with the most points at the end, I will bring a surprise to on Monday when I come back. (So Mrs. Dillon I need you to leave a list of the winners please) 
    Here are examples of problems:
    8th grade: you are just going to come up with an equation like
           y = 3x -2, and you have to identify slope and y-intercept: slope: 3, y-intercept: -2
    7th grade: you just have to come up with problems that multiply or divide decimals, and you have to have the answer too. 
    Algebra: you will either have a polynomial to multiply like this: (x+2)(x-3); or you will have a trinomial that will be factored out like this: x^2 -x -6. you will need to have the answer to refer to. 

    You need to keep at this game till the bell rings. If you are good, you may have the last 5 minutes in class to visit. Only if you are good!!! 


    Clay Sieber
    May 5, 2009

    can we watch a movie because the 8th grade did after there taks test

    Kayla Krisle
    May 5, 2009

    i cant wait for monday to get here miss u bunches!!!!!