April 9, 2008

    To Caitlyn I am so sorry I forgot to tell you happy birthday!!! So I will do it now: happy birthday Caitlyn and Happy birthday Kristen!!!
    8th grade: today you will go over percent proportions. you already know how to do this and i reviewed you over it last week. Remember to label your proportions!! you will need to know how to do this for a project you are going to do next week. This project will count as your 6 week test grade so take it seriously. here is your assignment:
    Green math book: page 266 (1-28) Turn this in at the end of class. 
    7th grade: pg. 198-208 do the 'try it' sections and turn this in. 

    Sorry there is not a talking head today. I didn't get to make one today. I will have one for you when you come back on Tuesday. Be thinking about Parker because he has his first dr. appointment on Tuesday. Think about me too because I will probably cry harder than parker will if he gets shots. He is just too small and too cute to have to get shots. Ugh. Well I miss you all!! Be good!


    Kristen Coker
    Apr 10, 2009

    thanks mrs.spiess