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Research project

This week you will be working on a research project over a famous mathematician. You will do a power point presentation that needs to be a minimum of 7 slides. You will write your notes every day. You may not print them out. Everyday you will turn in your notes for a daily grade. The words in your presentation need to be your own. Do NOT copy and paste from the sites!! If you do you will receive a 0.
To get full credit for the project you must also turn in a list of websites where you got your information. (Wikipedia does not count. Please do not use this site.)
You need to atleast have 3 sites.
To get full credit your slides must have this about your mathematician:
1. Tell me about his life: when he was born, who his parents were, where he was born... ect. this should at most take up 2 slides. any more and points will be taken off.
2. tell me what their accomplishments in math were. Atleast a slide for each you choose. Tell me what the discovery was and why it is important.
3. any interesting facts about the mathematician you can find.
before you begin your power point you must have ALL your information. This is worth a test grade!!!
here are your choices of mathematicians:
Sir Isaac Newton
Blaise Pascal
Carl Gauss
Stefan Banach
Georg Cantor
Joseph Fourier
John von Nuemann
Brook Taylor
If you are done you are to do this webquest. This will be worth a test grade if you do it. This could really help your grade!


fun math friday

You are having fun math friday today. I have a website for you to go to and play a game. You are going to split into 2 teams to and pick a game to play from the website. If you get out of hand you will get a workbook from the bookshelf and do work. I don't care which game you play, you can even play more than one. Well have fun and I will see you all on Monday!!!



so today everyone is going to do slope. Algebra you are too. It should be an easy review for you. After the tutorial in the green book do page 588 and 589 (5-8,17-22) and the check your progress on page 587(f-h) once you are done grade them and turn them back in. 

Download file ""



Today is test day. Algebra and pre-algebra have paper copies of their tests but 8th grade your test is here on the blog. Sorry about that but you will have to put your answers on a piece of notebook paper. The paper needs to be titled slope and y-intercept test. Make sure you put your name on the test!! well 8th grade all I want you to tell me is the slope and y intercept for each equation:

1. y=3x+4
2. y=4x-2
3. y=2+6x
4. y=7x+.5
5. y=.4x-100
6. y=17x-22
7. y=2-14x
8. y=3.2+1.3x
10.y = x + 2
11. y = x
12. y = -2x - 1
13. y = 1.5x + 1
14. y = 0.2x + 4
15.y = -7x - 5
16. y = -2x - 2
17. y = 0.75x - 2
18.y = 1.25x - 1
19.y = 0.2x + 5
20.y = 0.5x + 3



So today is a review for a test you are going to have tomorrow. 8th grade your test is going to be over slope and y-intercept, 7th grade your test is going to be over multiplying and dividing decimals, and algebra your test is going to be over multiplying and factoring polynomials.
So the review is going to be a little different today....its going to be a game.
What you are going to do is make up 3 problems for what your test is going to be over. Then each person will go to the board and put one problem on the board. The first person to figure out the answer gets the point. The person with the most points at the end, I will bring a surprise to on Monday when I come back. (So Mrs. Dillon I need you to leave a list of the winners please) 
Here are examples of problems:
8th grade: you are just going to come up with an equation like
       y = 3x -2, and you have to identify slope and y-intercept: slope: 3, y-intercept: -2
7th grade: you just have to come up with problems that multiply or divide decimals, and you have to have the answer too. 
Algebra: you will either have a polynomial to multiply like this: (x+2)(x-3); or you will have a trinomial that will be factored out like this: x^2 -x -6. you will need to have the answer to refer to. 

You need to keep at this game till the bell rings. If you are good, you may have the last 5 minutes in class to visit. Only if you are good!!! 


One week and I am back!!!!

So it is exactly one week till I am back at school!! I don't know about you but 6 weeks has absolutely FLOWN by!!! I am very excited to come back.

What I want you to do today is the worksheets I had for you last monday. If you did them then this is a catch up day. Grade the papers when you are done. 
I leave you with parkers 1 month pictures

Download file "s42557ca111271_1.jpg"

Download file "s42557ca111271_2.jpg"
Download file "s42557ca111271_5.jpg"
Download file "s42557ca111271_7.jpg"


April 24, 2009: Fun Math Friday (Finally)

So today we are going to have fun math friday. I know it seems like forever since we have had a fun math Friday. Today you are going to play math memory. The playing cards are located under my desk with the computer on it. They are all the colored poster boards. You need to spread the desks out to make room for the cards on the floor. You will split into 2 teams and play memory. You flip one card over. On the card will either be a math vocabulary word or a definition. Then you will turn over one more card and hope it matches the first card. If it does, you keep the two cards. If it doesn't, you turn both cards over. At the end the team with the most matches wins. I hope you have fun!!! If you get out of hand during the game and don't listen to Mrs. Dillon then you are grounded from fun math friday for 2 weeks and you will do friday math worksheets instead. Remember we do not have to have fun math friday, it depends on how you behave. 

Have fun!!!

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April 23, 2009

Sorry I haven't had a talking head In a while but I am very tired. I will try to have more next week. I miss you all and have enjoyed seeing you even if it was for just a little while. Here are the tutorials you will watch. 

7th grade: you are to do the area worksheet, grade when done. 
Algebra: when you are done with the video i want you to finish the worksheet. don't grade it, we will go over the answers tomorrow. 
Download file ""
Download file ""

8th grade: 
after the video do the problems on page 575 (1-5; 7-18) you must complete each table. Grade the paper when done. If you don't get it graded today, grade it tomorrow. 
Download file ""


April 22, 2009

ok so you are going to practice a little more on what you did yesterday. You are also going to grade the papers in class. Tomorrow we are going to learn how to show the domain and range. I don't have key's worked up so what you will do is go to the board and work out the problems. 8th grade math all you are to do on your worksheet is identify the slope and y-intercept. 7th grade: you are dividing decimals today, algebra you are going to do one more practice with multiplying polynomials. 

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April 21, 2009: Parker is 3 weeks old!! He is so stinking old.

So not that ya'll think it's a big deal but bear with me. Parker is 3 whole weeks old now!!! Woohoo. Man I can't believe it. But oh well. So now that the 8th grade test is over, we will have 3 sections on the blog instead of just 2. Now we will have a section for 8th grade math, algebra, and 7th grade honors so there will be 3 separate assignments. 
Algebra: your assignment is page 663 (1 - 20) grade when done
Download file "algebraanswers.doc"
Pre-algebra: your assignment is to do the worksheet over turning fractions into decimals. only i want you to turn them into decimals and percents. Grade when done. i don't have an answer document for this. 

8th grade math: watch tutorial then do the problems. Grade when done.
Download file ""
Download file ""
Download file "8thanswers.doc"


April 17, 2009: 6 weeks test

8th graders I am giving you today to finish your projects. Remember to have atleast 4 complete sentences to receive full credit for your questions. 
7th grade: you are going to redo your taks test for your 6 week test. Please pay attention to what you are doing and to what the questions are asking. Think about what you are doing. 

I enjoyed seeing everyone yesterday!!! Work hard and I will have another talking head episode on Monday. 


April 16, 2009: Day 3 of the budget project

Hey everybody!!! This is day 3 of your budget project. You are now in month June. Your situation for this month is one of your distant relatives has passed away. I know it is so sad but they left you $1,000. You need to add this to your monthly income for this month. Then you need to decide 2 categories you can raise the percents. You could raise your savings, your shopping category, whichever one you want. You need to be very careful that you do not raise them too much. You need to have enough money for you income to be more than your expenses. 
here are your questions:
1. Do you think it will be a benefit to have a budget when you get older? why or why not. 

2. What categories did you choose and why?

3. Did you like the job you drew? why or why not.

7th grade:
here is your review you will need a green math book:
pg 84 (14-18), pg 94 (10-15), pg 99 (8-13), pg 105(19-25), pg192(8-13), pg 201(6-10), pg 209 (9-13), pg 223 (25-27), pg 228 (3-8), pg 254 ( 10-13), pg 258 (1-5),  Read page 206, pg 309 (10-14), pg355(8-13) pg 362(1-4), pg 373(1-5), pg486 (1-6) it seems like a lot, but there aren't many problems in each section. It should not take you too long to work out the problems in each section if you work and not talk too much. 


April 15, 2009: Day 2 of the budget project

Well Parker's Dr. appointment went well yesterday. He has gained 1 whole pound!!!! He is so stinking big. He had to get a blood test and they prick their heels to get the blood. Well, they pricked his heel and it didn't bleed like it needed to so they had to prick his heel THREE times!!! I think it hurt me more than it hurt Parker. Oh well I am just going to have to toughen up. Sorry there is no talking head today. I will have one tomorrow for you. I was just exhausted.

you should have another copy of the budget sheet. You are to adjust your percentages to where your net income is not negative at the end of the month. The month you are in is May. Your situation you have to deal with this month is your water heater has broken, in order to pay for it you have to up your saving percentage by 5 percent. For example if your savings percent was 7% now it would be 12%. Then Answer the questions below. Remember the answers need to be in complete sentences and 1 paragraph to receive credit. 

1.Did having to fix your water heater affect your budget? Tell me how.

2. What did you have to do to your budget differently this month and why? 

3. Do you think it helps to save money each month? Why or why not. 


Read and complete all the 'try it' sections for objective 6 and do the questions at the end. 

your 6 weeks test will be a 7th grade taks test. you will begin thursday and will have friday to complete it. Take your time. Tomorrow you will have a review to complete. 

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April 14, 2009: budget project and parkers dr. appointment!

8th grade: Today you will start a project that will count as your 6 weeks test grade. Mrs. Dillon is going to have you draw jobs, whichever job you draw is the job you have. There are no redraws. You will then follow the directions and the tutorial for your budget and answer the questions. The budget sheet counts as half of your grade and the questions count as the other half of your grade. Your answers to the questions need to be in COMPLETE sentences and need to be atleast one paragraph (thats atleast 4 sentences). The first month that we will budget for will be april. So where it says month on your paper in the blank next to it you should put April. 
The salaries that are on your paper are yearly salaries. For the project you need the monthly salary so simply divide the salary by 12.


8th grade tutorial:

Download file ""

7th grade
pg. 208-216 do the try it sections and then do the questions at the end of the section. If you do better on this section than you did the last time we did this i will replace the grade with the higher grade. 

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April 9, 2008

To Caitlyn I am so sorry I forgot to tell you happy birthday!!! So I will do it now: happy birthday Caitlyn and Happy birthday Kristen!!!
8th grade: today you will go over percent proportions. you already know how to do this and i reviewed you over it last week. Remember to label your proportions!! you will need to know how to do this for a project you are going to do next week. This project will count as your 6 week test grade so take it seriously. here is your assignment:
Green math book: page 266 (1-28) Turn this in at the end of class. 
7th grade: pg. 198-208 do the 'try it' sections and turn this in. 

Sorry there is not a talking head today. I didn't get to make one today. I will have one for you when you come back on Tuesday. Be thinking about Parker because he has his first dr. appointment on Tuesday. Think about me too because I will probably cry harder than parker will if he gets shots. He is just too small and too cute to have to get shots. Ugh. Well I miss you all!! Be good!

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April 8, 2009

I cannot tell you how proud I am of you!!!! You have worked so hard all year. I know that you all did so well on the taks test. I miss yall and I wish that I could've been there for you. Beanie says 'hi'! (or atleast that's what I think he is saying) He cannot wait to see all the kids he heard in my tummy. 8th grade you will get to watch a movie today and relax. 7th grade sorry but you have to keep reviewing, but don't worry its almost over and then you can have a day to watch a movie. 
I am so proud! Enjoy your day of relaxation!!!!
7th grade: do all of the section for objective 4: do the 'try it' and the questions at the end and turn them in. 

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Taks Day!!

Good luck today! 
Download file ""


April 6, 2009: Day before TAKS!!! WOOHOO!

Well 8th grade the day is upon us!! I cannot tell you how proud I am of ALL of you! You have worked so hard and you are ready for this day. I Miss you all so much and Beanie misses you too. He tells me all the time that he misses you. =) Sorry there is no talking head today but I decided to post some pictures instead. Hopefully you will like them. Don't worry about tomorrow. All that I ask is that you do the best you can. I know you are going to do great. I have all the faith in the world that you will knock the top off. I can't wait to see you! You just have a tiny review and a little work over percent of change in the green math book but it shouldn't take too long. Once you are done I want you to take it easy. Rest you mind, DO NOT GET TOO LOUD!!!! If you do I can very easily log on to the computer and change your assignment. Well I guess that is it. So enjoy the pictures of Parker (Beanie!) 
8th Grade Review: 
Download file ""
Download file ""
After the video grab a math book and do problems
pg 287 (1-3)
pg 288 (7-12) Turn this in. 

7th grade: 
Read in you taks book pg 170-184, do the 'try it' sections and then do questions 21-30 and turn both in. 


Friday April 3, 2009: review

Well 8th graders this is the last review day!! Monday we will go over taks a little more and then Tuesday is the big day. Hopefully there will be a talking head for today, but for now its just the reviews. I am so proud of all of you!! I know you are going to do GREAT!! Well here are your reviews! Be good!
Here is another talking head video!!!!

8th grade: 
Download file ""
Download file ""
7th grade: 
Download file ""