Summer Tech Training

    Teachers have been using multiple technologies for the last three days. Below is a WORDLE that contains several of our new technology words.

    To Create a Wordle:

    !. Go to Wordle.net
    2. type in words
    3. save in public folder (your blog site or other)
    4. open another window containg your blog site (or other PUBLIC site)
    5. Highlight the embed code with CTL+C
    6. Paste the code into your blog site with CTL+Vplaying in cooltext

    To use cooltext.com:1.go to cooltext.com
    2. click on logos
    3.type your words and resize to a smaller size
    4. Choose your foreground color (Tiger Maroon is custom # 800000)
    5.Choose your background color
    6.save to your blog folder
    7.insert to the blog by clicking on the music note above and browse your files.