Ipads/Ipods and Little Kids?

    If you ever wonder how young a child should be to use an iPod or iPad, take a look at this picture. This is my granddaughter, Grace. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday on November 14, 2012. Look closely. She is tapping on a Contact (me) to Skype. After only being shown twice how to tap on the Skype App, and then on my Contact picture, she is a PRO!! Grace Skype calls me everyday! She blows me kisses and wants to see what I am doing. If there are any children in the room, she greets everyone by blowing kisses and talks about her day. When she is finished, she kisses the screen (because we always kiss before saying bye) and tells me, "Bye, Bye, Nonnie!

    Now, I realize this blog entry has nothing to do with Dyslexic students. However, my Dyslexic kids rely on the use of many learning styles. The skills that Grace is using benefits all students who struggle with learning because a REAL-Life Connection is made with the use of this technology.

    Our students at Arp Elementary have access to this type of technology because of grant funding this year, and they are enjoying it! Let's allow our students to become innovative thinkers with the tools they need, while teaching them how to use these tools appropriately! They will love us for it.

    And we will all have fun LEARNING in new ways. :)

    We started learning the basics - I call it iPad101- last week. All of my students were introduced to the features of our new iPads. We also experimented with the free iBooks that I had downloaded. Ask your child about the following items because we have learned about each in different class sessions:

    *Comparing a touch screen to a PC with Mouse

    *Internet searches on PC vs. iPad/iMac products

    *Apps vs. Icons

    *Sending files on PC vs. iPad and how Dropbox can be used on both.

    *Voice feature and how it can help dyslexics